Ceramics Gallery
I make pottery all the time .. here's just a few examples of some work. Buy direct from my studio or at exhibitions and fairs - subscribe to my newsletter for up to date information
Various Pots and Platters on Display at Hypmotive Hub

Various Pots & Platters on display

Earth & Sky series

Earth & Sky Series - Terracotta, Midfired

Terracotta Midfire Cups & & Jug - Commission

Terracotta Cups & Jug, a commission

Terracotta Glazed Bowls, Midfired

Terracotta Glazed Bowls, Midfire

Bowls - Terracotta, Earth & Sky Series Mid-Fired

Terracotta Bowls, Glazed and Midfired

Dogimal, Chun Glazed, Stoneware

A "Dogimal" - Chun Glazed, Stoneware

Dogimal, Stoneware, Sgraffito  - Star Dog

A Dogimal, - Stoneware, Sgraffito, Star Dog

Variety of Platters & Bowls

A Variety of Bowls Just out of the kiln

A Mixture of Things at Hypmotive Hub

Mixture of Things At Hypmotive Hub

Candlesticks & Bowls - Stoneware

Candlesticks & Bowls - Stoneware

Glazed Terracotta Cups - Mid Fired

Glazed Terracotta Cups - Midfire

Ink & Copper Red Planter - Stoneware

Planter, Stoneware, Ink & Coper Red Glaze

Small Teapot - Mid Fired

Small Midfired Teapot

Stoneware Bowls

Bowls, Stoneware

Stoneware Teapots & Jar

Teapots & Jar, Stoneware

Teapot - Chun Glazed, Stoneware

Teapot, Chun Glazed, Stoneware

Teapot - Mid Fire

Teapot, Glazed & Mid Fired

Teapot - Terrcotta, Mid Fired

Teapot, Terracotta, Glazed & Mid Fired.

Terracotta Cups, Deep Blue Glaze, Midfire

Terracotta Cups, Deep Blue Glaze, Midfired

Terracotta Teapot - Midfired

Terracotta Teapot, Slp Decorated & Midfired

Three Teapots - Mid Fired

Three Teapots - Mid Fired

Bisqued Work & Stoneware Teapots & Jar

Some Bisqued Work , with Teapots & Jar