Twice a year (usually June and December) I hold a studio sale of pottery and paintings. These prove to be very popular, offering people a chance to buy at very reasonable prices (no gallery commissions or shipping costs) . If you would like to know when these are, then you can email me to be added to my mailing list, or you can "like" my SmapART page on Facebook or follow me on Instagram @smapartnow where I will post the information.

There's no reason to wait for that however - if you would like to buy some of my latest pottery (Im always making!), or a painting, you can call me and make an appointment to come and visit.
Paintings do look very different on the wall - usually much better - so feel free to ask!

I find it a bit sad that a painting may only get one or two outings before being confined to the storeroom. So, I have begun to explore using my art in other ways. Fancy a new phone wallet or iPad Cover? The head over to and find Susannah Paterson. All kinds of fun possibilities at very reasonable prices.